In the centenary year, 1988, of Cults Parish Church there was much deliberation as to how best to commemorate the one hundred years of the life and work of those who had been associated with the Church and the Parish. After much consideration is was recommended by the Centenary Committee that it would be fitting that the funds raised by the congregation be used to undertake two projects; one to benefit the community, the second to enhance the Church.

The community project to which contribution was made was to assist in the installation of double glazing in the Church of Scotland’s residential care home, Woodlands.

The enhancement for the Church was to install a suitably designed window in the last remaining window (south west) of the Church without stained glass.

The window depicts the range of activities associated with the Church from its beginnings in the fields of Cults and the “Shakkin’ Briggie” through the development of the “Mission Hall”, to the Church as it was in 1988 - hence “Α and Ω”.
Throughout the theme there runs the common threads of Christ and the Cross, the Church of Scotland, and the association with the people of the parish.