O50 membership runs from 1 April to 31 March each year. The membership fee for the current year is £50 and includes speakers/ entertainment and all refreshments.  Non Members and /or guests of Members are asked to pay a fee of £4 for each meeting attended.   New members are always welcome at any time of the year. The continuing success of the club depends on members’ active participation.

All Members are encouraged to play an active part in the successful running of the Group eg welcoming new members, introducing the speakers or on a rota assisting with setting up and clearing away, to name but a few.

Responsibility/ Insurance

Members of the Club, non Members and Guests participate in the activities of the Club at their own risk. No responsibility can be accepted by the Committee or the Club for any mishaps that may occur.The Cults Parish Church has insurance which provides certain cover for people whilst actually inside Cults Kirk Centre. This does not include Cults Kirk Centre grounds and particular care should be taken by everyone approaching and leaving the building especially in icy weather.

The Committee or their nominees reserve the right to exclude from an activity those they feel should not attempt that activity.

Privacy Policy

The O50 Group has its own Privacy Policy which may be viewed here.