about us

We reckon faith is about asking honest and important questions as much as it’s about finding serious answers. We’re a church where faith can be celebrated and doubts shared. All this is possible when we understand the church as a spiritual community, where folk can explore and nurture their faith, and grow in love with each other and with our Lord.

Sometimes folk have an unhelpful and inaccurate image of “church” as a gathering of morally self-righteous people who tut-tut at the world whilst at the same time retreating from it. That’s not us! That’s not what “church” is meant to be.

Whatever we sing and share and preach and pray on a Sunday has got to help us make sense of Monday, and every other day of the week. We are serious about making powerful, exciting, insightful connections between the faith we live by and the world we live in.

We want to engage with our world because God loves it. As someone said, “God changes people and changed people change society”. As a church, we want to be part of that process. It’s a kind of revolution. That’s what we’re committed to.