Welcome to our website!

Everything you need to know about Cults Kirk is in here and we hope you find it easy to navigate your way around.

Maybe you’re new to this area, and wondering what the local churches are like. Maybe you’re looking for a place where faith can be explored, questions asked, hopes and dreams shared. Maybe you’re a very new and very proud parent, and wondering about baptism. Maybe you’re getting married and wondering if your wedding ceremony can be held in the kirk. Maybe you’re wearing a cloak of sadness, because of the death of a loved one and wondering if the church can help with funeral arrangements. Maybe you’re looking for company and conversation.

Whoever you are, whatever creed or colour, cultural background or sexual orientation is yours, we want you to feel welcome in Cults Kirk. Whatever exclusive is, we’re not that! We’re a busy church, always lots of things going on – cafes and ceilidhs and coffee mornings; fair-trade and eco-issues; Bible studies and concerts; crèches and playgroups and Messy Church; commitments to causes local and international; worship which tries to be honest, which engages our minds as well as our hearts; worship which marries mysticism and relevance.

Remember all those “maybes”? Well, if you recognise yourself in any of them, Cults Kirk would like to welcome you.  Call us on 01224 869028 if you can't find what you are looking for.

All are welcome at our services.   Sunday service is at 10.30 am.   For more information and a map showing Cults Kirk click here.

Coming Events

There are no upcoming events.