The Green Group are part of the Justice and Peace Core Group.

Cults Parish Church now hold two Eco-congregation awards for meeting the published standards set by the Eco-Congregation organisation. The second of these was received in May 2014. Thanks are due to everyone who has made this possible. You will find more information on the Eco-congregation Scotland web site and the new monthly Newsletter can be viewed here.

Please do have a look through its contents. You will find a great number of exciting activities across Scotland in which the Eco-congregation movement are involved - not all of them are landmark issues, but they are all, in their own way, actively promoting an awareness of those simple things which we can all do to lessen the impact on that delicate balance of our environment on which all of our activities impact.

If you are interested in becoming involved in our work in the Eco-congregation movement please contact the Group Leader, Morag Green e-mail: or tel:07850 835385.

We look forward to making you welcome.