The Kirk Sessions of Cults, Craigiebuckler, Kingswells, Mannofied, and Peterculter Churches have all voted in favour of the Aberdeen West Churches ‘Basis of Parish Grouping’. The next stage is that members and adherents of each congregation are given the opportunity to vote FOR or AGAINST  the 'Basis of Parish Grouping'. To view the 'Basis of Parish Grouping' CLICK HERE

Ordinarily this would happen at Congregational Meetings, however because this cannot happen at present it has been agreed with representatives of Presbytery that we can carry out a vote in line with the ‘Protocol’ set out by the General Assembly 2020. 


  1. The Values and Areas of Co-operation of the grouping identified in the Basis of Grouping were developed by representatives of all five congregations. 
  2. The temporal (financial) affairs of each congregation shall be administered as at present. The property and funds belonging to or held on behalf of each congregation shall remain the property and funds of each congregation as at present.
  3. Each minister remains Moderator of his/her own Kirk Session. The Kirk Sessions shall retain their present status and authority.
  4. The ministers of the congregations within the Parish Grouping shall continue to be ministers of their respective charges. The manses of the respective congregations shall continue to be the manses of the congregations during the course of the Grouping.
  5. When the Parish Grouping has been in place for three years or in the event of one of the five congregations becoming vacant on the departure of a minister prior to that, it is the intention of the congregations that they shall immediately take steps to form either a Linkage of all five congregations or some other configuration    


Voting slips (or an email indicating voting intention) to be returned to: -

The Presbytery of Aberdeen and Shetland  Presbytery Office
Aberdeen North (Mastrick Building)
Greenfern Road
AB16 6TR

 or email

by 23rd May 2021.

You can also vote on-line below: - 

Vote Here